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  • How do I calculate the pricing of a custom painting?
    Generally, the larger the canvas size and more detailed the requested image, the more your piece will cost, due to an increase in both material costs and labour time. Below, you will find a reference for my current pricing of several commonly requested sizes. (All prices are in Canadian Dollars) 11" x 14" = $400.00 16" x 20" = $550.00 20 x 20" = $600.00 18" x 24" = $700.00 20" x 24" = $750.00 24" x 36" = $900.00 30" x 40" = $1100.00 24" x 48" = $1100.00 31" x 47" = $1400.00 Please note: Shipping is not included in these prices, however I am able to estimate shipping costs beforehand once I know roughly where your piece is being sent! Artwork is currently shipped from Edmonton, Canada- but I'm happy to ship internationally & currently have originals throughout Europe, Australia and North America! The canvas costs above are quotes for a Gallery Wrapped Heavy-Duty Professional Grade canvas stretched over a 1.5" or .5" deep back-frame. (Please specify if you have a preference). This is my personal preference for stunning quality commissioned pieces intended to be hung in a home or business setting. Since there are variables that effect price, feel free to send me an image or two and a size canvas you have in mind, so I can give you a direct quote upfront! No pressure whatsoever. In most cases, a 50% deposit is required up front to secure your spot on my monthly commission list. The remaining 50% + shipping will be invoiced after you have received photos of the finished piece and are happy with the result! I am also willing to set up weekly/biweekly payment plans for your order if needed, as I want my art to be accessible to all! * Note: ALL PRICES ARE IN CAD * I know sometimes it can be hard to visualize sizes, so here are some photos of previous commissions and their canvas dimensions, in reference to me! 24 x 36" 16 x 20" 30 x 40" 18 x 24" 24 x 48"
  • What choices do you have in terms of canvas type?
    You have a lot of freedom and choice to ensure the painting is a perfect fit for you! Most common canvas options: - cotton stretched canvas (most popular, comes with either .5 " or 1 " wooden backframe, great for hanging as is or framing in a floater frame) - cotton canvas panel board (great for framing, largest size available is 16" x 20" ) - premium gesso board (popular for smaller detailed images, also great for framing) * Please note that sizes are limited to select canvas types, contact me with any questions!
  • What kind of paints do you use?
    Mostly, I use Windsor and Newton, Liquitex and Golden brand paints in their acrylic and oil lines. These are professional brand products that produce incredibly vibrant and durable colours.
  • How long will it take for my order to be completed?
    The completion time will depend on the detail of the order, as well as how many other comissions are scheduled ahead of you. Usually, a product will be completed within 4-5 weeks of the order's placement and confirmation. That being said, select times of the year are busier than others - if you need it completed for a specific date, please try to place an order at least 6 weeks in advance !
  • What subjects can I order?
    I specialize in landscapes, however in the past I have been commissioned to paint a wider array of subject matter including: - pet portraits - select arcitectural buildings / streets - cars / vans - animals - abstract / impressionism with desired colour palette - people ( no detailed portraits, only silhouettes or distant figures ) You can send me a photograph you have taken and would like painted, or a stock image that you have rights to. *Please note: out of respect for other artists, I will not directly reproduce a photograph you do not have rights to, however I will gladly recreate my own impression of these photos, contact me at for more info!
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